Daniel Renn Pierce  ArtistDaniel Pierce was trained in commercial and graphic arts, and after serving in the United States Navy he began his career as a full time artist. He grew up in Roseville, Minnesota and spent his summers in Montana with his grandfather who lived near Glacier National Park.

This is where his love of nature began to develop, thus, learning to appreciate the delicate balance of nature and its importance to all living creatures. Those early experiences so influenced his life that he has been painting the memories of them ever since.

His extensive travel each year all around the United States and Canada has allowed him to experience a phenomenal choice of subjects, ranging from still life's and tropical beaches to lighthouses, islands and whimsical, such as his painting "Fanta-Sea" where exotic fish are meandering through the forest.

Mr. Pierce is very well known throughout the United States and Canada for his wildlife paintings. His diversity of subjects: snow leopards, ducks, red fox, black bear, to name a few. But he developed a special affection for the wolf, researching them in the wild then spending countless hours comparing their actions and attitudes with families in captivity. He has completed over thirty paintings of wolves, finding something new about the wolf in each painting.

"Everything in the world, whether beautiful or not so pleasant, I acknowledge as a potential subject," Mr. Pierce says. "In the regular world where people are getting caught up in work, I have the advantage of looking at it differently, of having the opportunity to share with others through my art, something beautiful or a memory they may have forgotten. I believe that the purpose to life, is a life of purpose, and mine is to create art."

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